O'Flannigan's Pub in downtown Kelowna has fun times and fine food - located on Queensway Avenue
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Of course Guinness beer is served at O'Flannigan's Pub

Strongbow beer is served at O'Flannigan's Pub

Alexander Keith's beer is served at O'Flannigan's Pub

Kelowna Karaoke - Monday nights is Karaoke Madness at O'Flannigan's Pub.

Kelowna Karaoke Pub - Monday nights is Karaoke Madness at O'Flannigan's PubO'Flannigan's Pub becomes Kelowna's favorite Comedy Club with the Monday nights is Karaoke Madness at O'Flannigan's Pub. Choose your song, sign up and show us how you to can sing like a Rockstar! Kelowna Karaoke pub, O'Flannigan's invites you to let out your inner singer and come join us for Karaoke. Bring a group of friends for a fun, liberating night. Great drink specials!

10 Tips For Having An Awesome Time Doing Kelowna Karaoke

You're thinking of something to do this weekend. Your friend suggests karaoke as a possible option. That's cool with you; you've always wanted to go and you've probably wanted to even try it. There's just one problem: you're scared to death. Here are some helpful pointers that can hopefully kill your stage fright and make for an enjoyable experience.

1. Go with a group: If you go with a few people you know, it will probably ease your nerves to see them perform. Plus, when you're on stage, you'll have a few people to look at if the crowd scares you.

2. Pick a song you know by heart: Your experience will go 1,000 times smoother if you go with a song you know all of the words to. If you don't know all of the words, at least know almost all of them. The lyrics will be on a screen, but if you can focus on having a good time rather than the words, you'll be fine.

3. Practice, practice, practice: Pick a song you've sang in the car or your shower before so you know which songs you can actually sing decently.

4. Don't sing on an empty stomach.

5. Don't perform while drunk: Especially if this is your first time, don't be drunk. Get a light buzz to kill some of the nerves, but be in control. Nobody likes watching a drunken fool act like an idiot on stage, let alone being the drunken fool.

6. Breathe: You will be surprised at how easily you can lose your breath. Even if you have sang the song a bunch of times in your car with no problem before, you need to account for the fact that you will be singing louder and projecting..

7. The bigger the crowd, the better: With smaller crowds, you migh feel like everyone is watching; with bigger crowds, you can just look out at nothing. Also, bigger crowds get more into it. A Kelowna Karaoke Pub is the perfect place to sing for a bigger crowd.

8. Stage presence: You will be amazed at how much good stage presence can make up for a lack of vocal talent or knowledge of the lyrics. Get the crowd involved and pumped up. If they see you're having a good time, they'll want to embrace your performance, not trash it.

9. Lose yourself in the moment: Seriously just lose yourself on stage; become a different person for those three or four minutes. This is kind of a piggyback on No. 8, but if you perform and just forget about everything in life, it's an adrenaline rush.

10. Remember that anyone who boos at a karaoke bar is a dick: You are not on American Idol, you are a normal person out for a good time like everybody else. Most karaoke folk are good people and won't be harsh if you can't sing too well. If you don't know the words, they'll likely give you a hard time, but you were warned in No. 2, so you brought that upon yourself.