O'Flannigan's Pub in downtown Kelowna has fun times and fine food - located on Queensway Avenue
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Of course Guinness beer is served at O'Flannigan's Pub

Strongbow beer is served at O'Flannigan's Pub

Alexander Keith's beer is served at O'Flannigan's Pub

History of a Kelowna Irish Pub

Up until the 1960's, pubs in Ireland not only served to wet the whistle of its guests, but also served as grocery stores, hardware stores or other ancillary businesses on the same premises. There even were pubs with undertaker businesses combined and this rather odd combination is still common today in the Republic of Ireland. Called spirit groceries, these pubs appeared in the nineteenth century when declining spirit sales forced the pubs to diversify. Slowly over time, with the competition of retail business, many of these pubs lost that side of the business and focused solely on the wet your whistle side of the business.

The name of an Irish Pub usually is based on the former or current owners last name. A few are named after other things like famous streets, famous poets or famous writers.

Up until the 1970's, Irish Pubs usually didn't serve food in their establishments. That has all changed of course. About that time, people didn't eat out as often as they do now, and so Pub's were for a few drinks before or after dinner at home.

For years and years the Irish Pub served as a social and community hub. Typically Irish people would frequent their "local" Pub and in many cases, the entire customer base would be locals that go to the pub on a regular basis. Everyone knows everyone else and there is a very close and mutual understanding and informality between the customer and the barstaff.

In the 1980's and 1990's there was a large proliferation of Irish Pubs opening throughout the world.


Irish Pubs in North America and in Kelowna

The Irish Pub in North America has a rich history as well. In fact, Irish pubs are found in cities throughout the world. Why? Large scale emigration from Ireland in the 1840's and after, have had a huge impact on urban centers around the world with a large Irish influx. In the 1990's, there were many Pubs setup in the fashion of the Victorian styled Irish Pub, like O'Flannigan's, which were very popular and successful. Many business owners and chains jumped on the bandwagon. The lively yet intimate atmosphere combined with casual dining is a very popular business model. In fact, in 2011 the first ever 'Irish Pub Convention' took place in Philidelphia, attracting business owners from around the world and was a huge success.

Come check out the downtown Kelowna Irish Pub O'Flannigan's, and experience the lively yet intimate atmosphere, casual dining environment and history of the Irish Pub for yourself!